All cases at our firm are handled on a RESULTS ORIENTED BASIS – The fee is either a “FLAT-FEE” (fixed fee) and/or a Contingency Fee, where the fee is paid out of the proceeds of the case, when the suit is settled or won.

WE Don’t Bill by the hour or for research!
WE Don’t Bill for the time of an associate or for phone calls!!
WE Don’t Bill for mailing expenses, copies, faxes or for travel time!!!

We can do this because we have an established track record in the following areas:


1)Breach of Contract, Tortious Interference, Unjust Enrichment, Securities Arbitration and all types of Commercial Business Litigation.

2)Divorce/Equitable Distribution (i.e. We have secured, for a client, the Highest Court Ordered Equitable Distribution Percentage Order in the History of the State – 90% of marital Assets Awarded).

3)Libel and Slander (i.e. Will Smith Libel Settlement).
4)Auto Accident, Slip and Fall and Wrongful Death Action.
5)Predatory Loan Practices, Lender Liability, Breach of Employment.
6)False Imprisonment/Federal Civil Rights Violation, Theft of Intellectual Property.
7)Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7.


Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Real Estate Partnerships, Shareholder Agreements, Contract Drafting, Negotiations, Debt Restructuring and Small Business Problems.

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